Dondarrion Mithalmar

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Dondarrion Mithalmar
Dondarrion Mithalmar
Alias Darry or Dare
Class Mage
Race Human
Hometown Danburg
Birth Day 21 Cadora 1424 DR [1000 WE|13 GWR]
Age 25
Gender Male
Height 5' 10"
Weight 155 lbs
Alignment Good
Deity Satoria
Quote "Hold on a sec, I know this!"
Player Chris A
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Dondarrion, Darry to most who him, is an intelligent, eager young man nearing the end of his apprenticeship in the mystic arts. He is the last heir of the now defunct Mithalmar line of nobility. Though the Mithalmars were well known for their staunch service to

The Mithalmar Family Crest

the Duke and crown, it is said ill-luck plagues their line. From their income poor, swampy estates of Fenhold to the often tragic, and ignoble deaths of many of the line, most nobility holds the Mithalmar name in disdain, and the common folk considered the Mithalmars barely above their own station. One appellation used to describe those who dwell in Fenhold is mudfolk, for both commoners and nobles alike. Then other nobles of the realm jokingly called the lords of Fenhold "frog prince" based on the Mithalmar crest of three crossed cattails over a frog on a lily pad.

The ill-luck seems to be in full effect as 7 years ago the Mithalmar estates were sold off to creditors under strange circumstances involving the death Lord Darrion Mithlmar and accusations of misconduct and fiscal irresponsibility made by Lord Darrion's then castellan. Darry's mother had died in a carriage accident eight years prior, while the infant Darry was injured in the same accident.


Dondarrion Mithalmar is a young male human of average height and of light skin.

Darry is not exactly thin, but he does have a wiry frame and is on the downside of his height to weight ratio. He looks a bit scrawny, overall, but not unhealthy. He has blue-black hair (a Mithalmar trait) and vibrant green eyes (a du Voluer trait). His hair is cut long, with a single loose braid down his back. When deep in the arcane magics, his hair tends to float, just slightly, and shows more blue tint to it.

Darry typically wears a semi-flamboyant gold trimmed red robe with green cloak and mantle. The outer robe has several voluminous pockets, closed with dyed leather thongs. A brown belt cinches the robes closed and is strung with several pouches of various sizes. Close inspection shows the clothing a bit threadbare, and well disguised patches dyed almost perfectly to match, but clean and well cared for. His boots are ragged, but the soles are sturdy. He wears no jewelry or ornamentation other than a small, hand-sewn badge of his family's crest (three vertical spread cattails over a frog on a lily pad on pale green) on his right chest. It is typically hidden under the folds of his mantle.

Darry carries a well-made, sturdy staff of a smooth, ebony hued wood topped with a slightly gaudy bronze cap in the shape of a flame and etched with the symbol of Satoria.

The young mage has an open and honest face, usually lit by an earnest smile and laughing eyes. He is genial and polite, but often comes across as an eager puppy in his desire to fit in and make friends. He loves showing off his, admittedly considerable, knowledge of the world and its mysteries. He seems ill-fit to the life of a mercenary or adventurer, and while not a coward, will often quail at bloodshed and violence.

Early History

Coming Soon


  • (L3) Accurate Staff of Sleep and Charm +1
  • (L5) Resplendent Gloves
  • (L10) Headband of Intellect
  • More Coming ...