Blackiron Clan

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The Symbol of the Blackiron Clan

The Blackiron Clan are a former clan of dwarves that, under Engmar Blackiron, control the Dwarves of Veltmon Spine. Until recently, they were content to serve as guardians and protectors of the council of Veltmon's Spine. Then, in 1425 DR [1001 WE|14 GWR] things took a strange turn for the worst. Lead by Engmar, the clan mysteriously and unexpectedly attacked a clan of crafters and tradesmen, the Stoneforge clan. Though taken by surprise and greatly outnumbered, the Stoneforge fought back valiantly, giving several members of the clan enough time to escape with the children. Engmar's attacks on the Stoneforge did not cease until he slew the head of the Stoneforge, Vundin. The Stoneforge now live in exile, having settled in around the continent, mostly around Danberg and a few small pockets in the Loshmere area.

The betrayal of the Blackiron sent the Clan Council of Veltmon reeling, and Engmar was summoned to the council to answer for his actions. Instead of answering to his crimes, the tables were turned on the council when a surprise vote lead by members of the council who secretly supported Engmar elected him as Patriarch of the Veltmon Dwarves. With Engmar in place as the council's leader, he was swift to enact several new measures placing more power in his hands, and any dissension was swiftly dealt with by his loyal Blackiron soldiers.

Engmar ruled the dwarves of Veltmon's Spine for many years. Over time he completely dissolved the council, and lent support to Ferdinand de Agueda in the war occurring to the south in Canton. Why remained a mystery to all but Engmar himself, and perhaps his closest generals, but with the Dwarves help, the Aguedas opened a new front into Gallantria, and began pushing northward. With Gallantria in relative disarray after the death of Kaiser Shalt, this proved to be easier than expected. Agueda and his mission were further bolstered with the death of Co-Emperor Stirling, at the hands of Agueda's primary enforcer and an elite unit of Blackiron Griffin Riders.

Engmar's hold didn't last long, however, as he increasingly pushed aside other clans and dwarves, a sizable resistance formed sparked by the entrance of the Veltmon Dwarves into conflict with the Gallantrians. The resistance was lead by Murd Blackiron, Engmar's nephew, and a Shadow Council of the deposed ruling Clans who sought to restore the old Clan Council, but only managed to hold their own against Egnmar's soldiers. Also, was the issue of no group of dwarves powerful enough to be able to take Engmar on in combat, who was still a deadly warrior despite his advanced age.

Things remained in a stalemante until Oona Stoneforge, exiled son of Vundin Stoneforge, who was just an infant when his father was killed, returned to Veltmon's Spine with his allies in the Company of the Tower. The group turned the tide against Engmar, and in a few weeks time took the fight directly to Engmar. In a pitched battle that almost resulted in the death of the Stoneforge scion, Engmar was defeated. He was then beheaded by Oona, and his head shown to the dwarves battling below. The fight quickly ended, as, with fear of Engmar gone, much of his support evaporated. His most loyal soldiers were run down and slaughtered.

In the end, Murd inheareted the Blackiron clan as a result of Engmar's death, and, feeling the clan's name had been brought too much shame by Engmar's action, dissolved the can and turned it's members over to Oona, reemerging as the Stoneforge clan, reborn.