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The Danberg City Crest
Nicknames City of Reborn Hopes
Demonym Bergman/Bergwoman
Ruler Duke Simon Artannon
Population Approx 110,000
Location Pineborough, Canton Kingdom
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Danberg, also known as the City of Reborn Hopes, is the center of all trade and travel on the western edge of the Canton Kingdom. It has a large natural harbor. Nobles looking for strong arms and strong minds to retrieve hidden treasure, discover novelties and map out new parts of the world commonly use Danberg as a starting off point due to its location and large population. The current King of Canton, Eric Carver, resided in Danberg where he previously served as Duke. Danberg is the capital city of the Pineborough state of the Canton Kingdom.


Though settlements have been in the Danberg Vally since the Time of the Dragons, Danberg as it is known today was officially founded during the height of the Windman empire. This year is known as the 0 year of the Danberg Reckoning, the year reckoning system used by most of the continent. This year is also equivocal to 39,576 FD


Greater Races War

The city of Danberg was one of the first attacked by Hayze's armies, and the duke at the time, James Smythe, was imprisoned. The former Duke, Eric Carver and his band of heroes liberated the city and Smythe before he could be executed. It was from here the seeds of the fight against Hayze and his minions began to germinate, and Danberg served as a western base of operations for the duration of the war.

The Company of the Lion

Members of the Company of the Lion
Bendroden Lightbringer, Paladin of Lykora<br\>Svetlana, battlemaiden<br\>Thalinbar, the Sage (deceased)<br\>Gabriel Becrion, Roc Knight of Danberg (Deceased)<br\>Akar Hollan, Priest of Chinsara (deceased)<br\>Bahen Stihl, Sorcerer

An adventurering company formed in 1432 DR [1008 WE|21 GWR] by Brystin Marcus, son-in-law to the duke, and owner of the Lion Trading Company. Marcus funded the company and provided them with leads and advice. It was later revealed Marcus was actually Aldar Loshren, exiled king of Loshmere.

Orc Attack

The Company of the Lion were among the first to encounter the orc invasion on the road, while guarding a Lion Trading Company caravan from Andel Boum. They were able to alert the city of the coming attack, which undoubtedly saved lives. It was during the attack they discovered the kidnapping of the Duke's youngest daughter, Lady Krysta, by a gargoyle, and ascended the mountains in pursuit of the kidnapper. There the company confronted a band of orcs and recovered the young girl.

Undead Incursion

While assisting Marcus to retake his kingdom, Danberg came under attack by a horde of undead from the south. The Company quickly returned to the city and assaulted the crypt of the leader of the attack, an ancient vampire named Gerischal Raintree, who identified himself as an entity known as The Blackguard. Raintree was defeated, but not before the death of one of the company's members, Thalinbar, a Continental Elf wizard, and Haldrin, a disgraced paladin of Lykora looking to redeem himself, both being destroyed when Raintree disintegrated them. After, Bendroden collected the dust that remained of his friend Thalinbar, and placed a portion of it in a necklace, which he wears to this day.

The Blackguard

A massive floating island decended on the city, and a loud, familiar voice issued a challenge to Bendroden and his allies. The fallen paladin, Haldrin, announced he was not dead, and that he was the Blackguard now, and that their doom lied within. With that, demons, drakes, and gargoyles rained down from the island, attacking the city. The city fought valiantly, with Bendroden and his companions leading the charge. All hope was almost lost when Keegan appeared like a golden light from his mountain home, and began clearing a way so Lightbringer and his allies could assault the island. The heroes faced many trials, but eventually succeeded at taking the blackguard down. This left the floating island decending at a dangerous rate towards the city. Only through the combined effort of Keegan, and a beam of energy that issued from Bendroden's necklace, was the island pushed off towards the ocean. When it landed, a wave washed over the docks, destroying most of them, but surely sparing the thousands that call danberg home a far more grisly death beneath the falling island.


A map of the City of Reborn Hopes

The City of Reborn hopes is commonly divided into six different sections, or wards.

Nobles Ward

A gated section of the city, the Nobles Ward is filled with the homes of the city's noble families. The entrances to the Nobles Ward are manned by Red Roses, who carefully control entrance in and out of that section of the city. To have a home in the nobles ward, one must hold a noble title above citizen and pay a large yearly fee to the city.

Merchant Ward

The largest ward of the city, the Merchant Ward is where people go to find all the basic services of the city. Inns, blacksmiths, alchemists, apothecaries, they can all be found in the Merchant Ward. The major trade houses have their headquarters and warehouses in the Merchant Ward as well.

Adventurer's Ward

Though not an official ward, the Adventurer's ward, a part of the Merchant's ward in the north west of the city. This ward contains the most blacksmiths, and almost all of the city's temples. The largest temple, dedicated to Garret, is in this district. Across the street the Lion's Inn can be found. The inn, owned by the Company of the Lion, and a popular destination for those looking to make their mark on the world. The inn's current proprietor is named Svetlana, a retired adventurer and friend of Bendroden Lightbringer.

Residential Ward

Section of the city where most citizens and serfs live.

Old Danberg

The location of the original settlement, much of the stone architecture dates back to the windman empire.

Port Ward

The large port district makes up the entire coast of Danberg. It is from this port that ships laden with goods from the far east unload, so their goods can spread across the rest of the continent

Entertainment Ward

The smallest ward in the city, the entertainment ward contains several large theaters as well as the most expensive shops and boutiques in Danberg.


Eric Carver

Hero of the Greater Races war, along with his wife, Ladia, Eric was named Duke of Pineborough after James Smythe, the last duke, and only remaining member of the royal family, ascended the throne at Canton. His wife died in 1434 DR [1010 WE|23 GWR] while defending her children during the attack of the Blackgard Haldrin. Together they had four children, Allen, heir to his title, Laresh, Queen of Loshmere, Richard, a Paladin of Lykora, sponsored by Bendroden Lightbringer to take up the vacancy caused by the death of Haldrin, and Krysta Carver, born on Netar's Day in 1426 DR [1002 WE|15 GWR] .

Though it took some time after King's James' death, Carver was eventually chosen by the Ducal Council to succeed King James on 4 Shalm 1441 DR [1017 WE|30 GWR]


An ancient dragon living in the mountains above Danberg, Keegan is estimated to be over 40,000 years old. Legend states the dragon was ordered by Bahamut, the King of the Dragons, to watch over the city and keep it safe from destruction. Keegan has been slumbering since the attack of the Blackguard.

Duke Simon Artannon

Common born, and starting as a Green Rose, Simon proved an effective and reliable soldier, and raised through the ranks of the military. For service during the events of the Blackguard's attack on the city, he was knighted by the duke. Simon is the current commander of the Roc Knights, and the highest ranking general in Pineborough's army. After the ascension of Eric Carver, Sir Artannon was made the Duke of Pineborough.

Bendroden Lightbringer

Son of Bendroden Faithshield, Lightbringer has, time and again, with his allies from the Company of the Lion come to the defense of the city of Danberg. A faithful paladin of Lykora, and one of the Twelve Scions, Bendroden is one of the former duke's trusted advisers. He accompanied Duke Carver to Canton City for the Ducal Council and was instrumental in the events that took place there.


The City of Danberg's military is what makes up the bulk of Pineborough's standing armed forces. Anyone that is able bodied is allowed to join the military, and opportunity for advancement exists within the forces by those who prove competent. In times of war, the Duke may also call on his nobles to provide soldiers from the peasantry.

Green Roses

The lowest rank of soldier is the Green Rose. These soldiers tend to walk the city walls and act as lookouts. They also form the bulk of the army when it is mobilized. In large scale conflicts, conscripts and peasant soldiers are provided this rank. The Green Rose is identified by a brown surcoat with a green rose emblazoned on it.

Red Roses

To be a Red Rose, one must show loyalty to the duke, battle prowess, and intelligence. In daily operations, the Red Roses constitute the rough police force of the city of Danberg. Pairs of the patrol the city at night, keeping the people safe. Red roses also command groups of Green Roses. In some of the smaller communities around Pineborough, a single red rose will act as the Sheriff. The symbol of the Red Roses is a white surcoat with a red rose emblazoned in the center.

White Roses

The White Roses are the personal guard of the Duke of Pineborough and family. To be a White Rose, requires absolute loyalty to the Duke and his family. They wear a red surcoat, trimmed with gold , with a white rose emblazoned in the center.

Roc Knghts of Danberg

The Roc Knights have been dwindling in number since the Blackguard's attack on Danberg. The Roc Knights took the heaviest of casualties during the defense of the city, losing over 3/4 of their number, including the leader, Sir Peter Alzon, and the second in command, Sir Gabriel Becrion. Roc Knights, as their name is implied, are knighted by the Duke of Pineborough upon induction into the order. They wield a unique lance while mounted, that can be used for charging, or broken down quickly in battle to the length of a short spear for close attacks.

The Roc Knights ride large Pineborough Rocs into battle, a giant bird that roosts in the mountains to the north of Danberg. The number of Pineborough Rocs had decreased in recent years, contributing to the slow decline in the order's numbers


The expanse of the City of Reborn Hopes means one can find just about any good or service within it's walls. There are, however, a few locations that stick out from the rest.

Temple of Garret

The Great Obelisk is the first building any traveler to Danberg sees on their way to the city. Weary caravan guards often long to see the shining marble top appear on the horizon. This beacon of civilization is located in the courtyard of the Temple of the Golden Lion, the center of worship of Garret on the west coast of the Windman Continent. The True Hearts of Garret are highly respected throughout the Danberg, as they often give succor to the needy in the city. The Temple of the Golden Lion is also the seat of power for the Paladinhood of Garret. The current leader of the Temple, Reina Escudero Cortés, resides here.

Lion's Inn

Sitting in the shadow of The Great Obelisk, the Lion's Inn is jointly owned by Sir Bendroden Lightbringer and his old ally, the Gallantrian battle maiden, Svetlana. Bendroden keeps out of the daily operations, though Svet, as she prefers to be called, can be seen carousing at the Inn daily. The Inn boasts a large tap room, and it's walls are adorned with two massive murals. When one walks in, they need only turn around to see the doorway surrounded by two 20-foot tall frescoes. The first, of Sage Thalinbar, the original owner of the Inn. His friends commissioned the art after his death fighting the blackguard Raintree. On the adjacent wall is another mural depicting Sir Gabriel Becrion, another ally of Bendroden and Svet, who died fighting the blackguard Haldrin in the skies over the city.