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A common Dwarf

Short, stocky, strong of heart and of liver, Dwarves are known for their skill at forging weapons, hewing stone, carving out mountains, emptying kegs of strong ale, and fighting. Dwarves in the Windman Continent are split amongst the three major mountain ranges.


The dwarves are the oldest humanoid race on Keedrah, and one of the few not created by the dragons during their reign. Dwarves are said to have formed from the living stone of Veltmon's creation.

Time of the Dragons

As the war between the two goddesses raged across the world, the Dwarves kept to themselves, quietly building a network of interconnected tunnels designed to quietly keep them beneath the notice of the world above. During the Fall of the Dragon, the largest dwarven city, Mahal, was lost, though some say not destroyed, in the creation of the Breche des Drachen.


The dwarves' most basic societal unit, the clan, has existed since long before the Fall of the Dragons. Though the dwarves were united in a loose federation, the rendering of the great mountain range of the Windman continent in two caused the clans to be scattered into separate factions based around their individual ranges.

Veltan Dwarves

The most populous of the three, the Veltan Dwarves live under the Veltmon's Spine mountain range that bisects Gallantria. They have often had a contentious relationship with the Gallantrians, who have tried more then once to force the dwarves to swear loyalty to the emperor. In recent months, however, the dwarves have shown increased aggression, coming to the aid of a Cantonian nobleman, helping him strike into southern Gallantria. The Veltan Dwarves most populous city is Vondar, who's main link into eastern Gallantria goes through the outpost Barrier, roughly two weeks south of Windfall Valley.

Torian Dwarves

These dwarves live mostly under Torgarn Peak, the highest mountain on the continent, in the Torian Mountain range that spans across the center of the Canton Kingdom. The Torian's relationship with Canton has been peaceful, as King Haldur was allies with Gendar Marrowmash, King of the Torian Dwarves. Recently the dwarves of the Torgarn Peak have been running into trouble with Duke Ferdinand de Agueda, who has begun aggressively expanding the paths over and through the mountains in an attempt to connect the states of Agueda and Cordoba. The current leader of the Torian dwarves, Belgorn Marrowmash, has sent his brother to the King of Canton in an attempt to get him to intervene.

Zvergvald Dwarves

An offshoot of Torian Dwarves, they have abandoned life underground and have instead opted to live in the hollowed out bases of trees in the Zvergvald Forest, located in central Dallaall. The Zvergvald dwarves first spilt away in 1274 DR [850 WE] when Krunda Steelforge, a priestess of Kenkou moved her clan into the forest in response to a vision. Still followers of the Lady of Health to this day, these dwarves are known to be excellent healers and herbalists.

Doggun Dwarves

The Dwarves of the Doggun Mountains are the least numerous of the three, living in the Doggun Mountains along the Gallantrian-Canton south border. These dwarves have escaped much of the Gallantrian Empire's notice, and maintain good relations with their human neighbors in Loshmere and eastern Canton.

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