Gallantrian Empire

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Gallantrian Empire
Gallantrian Empire Coat of Arms
Gallantrian Empire
Full Name Großesgallans Reich (Great Gallantrian Empire)
Demonym Gallantrian
Capital City Gallans; West Gallans
Ruler Emperor Shalt; Loudin Stirling
Location Northern Windman continent
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Formed from the ashes of the Windman Empire, many of the Empire's ways of life still live on in Gallantria. Rebuilt by Emperor Shalt, the Gallantrian Empire strugges to endure through difficult times since the Greater Races war. Gallantria’s Capital city is Gallans.


The Gallantrain Army fills its ranks by conscripting every able bodied citizen at the age of 15 to the age of 21. Upon turning 21, exceptional soldiers can choose to remain enlisted. Post military service, many Gallantrians go back to thier former lives, but are allowed to keep the weapons of their service, meaning in times of emergency, the empire can conscript a large already armed force with relative ease. This came in very handy during the Greater Races war, and further during the Gallantrian unification wars that followed.

The Gallantrian Empire


A Gallantrian Landsknecht is a soldier of the highest prestige within the empire. They form close knit units that that act as home guards for their home provinces. Landsknecht in particular are elite soldiers who, through dedication, years of service, and valiant acts on the battlefield have been granted a small non-inheritable title, of "Landsknecht" or "land servant". This title confers upon commoners the ability to own property within the empire, and opens avenues for further advancement within the upper echelons of society. Upon the death of a Landsknecht, the family must turn any property owned back over to the empire, if a properly titled heir does not exist, in which the spouse receives a pension until his or her death.

The weapons of a Landsknecht are varied. The majority use long spears for defense and crossbows for ranged offense. More experienced soldiers, called Doppelsöldner (the receive double payment), wield halberds and greatswords. All Landsknect also carry a shortsword called a Katzbalger and shield for close quarter melee combat.


The Gallantria has been settled by humans for several millenia, all the way back to the time of the dragons, during which they were lorded over by a Red Dragon named Galvenskoern.

Early History

Early humans in the Gallantrian area were of the Gal Tribe, a hearty, brutal people who excelled at combat. They quickly spread through the area east of the Veltmon's Spine mountain range into a loose confederation of small villages. Villages jockeyed for power through martial conflict, and it is this history that the founders of the Gallantrian Empire clung to during the darkest days of the fall of the Windman Empire. Though conflict was frequent, the villages would frequently put aside their differences and band together to fight off external threats.

Windman Empire

During it's period of rapid expansion, the Windman Empire spread from the Ardennes Valley north through the Breche des Drachen and across the Doggun Mountains, where they met immediate resistance by the Gal people. The battles were bloody and for over a century the two sides traded territory until in 110 DR when the Windman General, Gaius Caracalla killed the Gal Chieftain in one on one combat, subjugating the Gal people for good. After becoming Emperor some 12 years later, Caracalla ordered the construction of Windfall Tower as a show of the strength of the empire to the Gal people.

End of an Era

Gallantria was founded from the ashes of the human Windman Empire. Having been assailed for centuries by invading barbarians from Aeg and the rise of local lords who's power superseded the emperor's, the Windman Empire was unable to maintain it's presence and collapsed. Centuries of bloody war followed and from the chaos the militaristic Gallantrian empire was formed, with Emperor Odoacer I being crowned by priests of Bûhna in 790 DR [366 WE] . He was charged him with the task of uniting the land, and ending the unchecked barbarian raids. Odoacer responded by putting in place the strict military conscription rules that exist to this day, and beginning a relentless campaign of conquest and assimilation of the surrounding lands. At the end of his reign 20 years later, Odoacer had managed to double his territory and set a strong foundation for the empire.

War with the Continental Elves

The first clashes with the Continental Elves began some time around 874 DR [450 WE] when Gallantrians tried settling the Great Forest east of Gallans. This began over 600 years of on and off hostilities with the Continental Elves that didn't abate until after the Greater Races War. Their current emperor, Shalt, has worked tirelessly to rebuild the tattered empire after the Greater Races War almost 30 years ago.

Wars with the Canton Kingdom

Through it's history, Gallantria clashed several times with the Canton Kingdom. These border disputes were normally instigated by the Empire trying to expand territory. As the two large countries consolidated, relations remained tense, however the constant continual state of war with the Continental Elves meant the Gallantrians usually had concerns elsewhere. With Gallantria busy rebuilding after the Greater Races War, and King James V of the Canton Kingdom taking a distinctly non-expansionist stance, the shared borders have remained quiet.

Greater Races War

The Greater Races War had it's roots on an island far south of the Aeg Continent, however the brunt of the war's destruction occured in Gallantria. In 1408 DR [984 WE] , a Gallantrian noble, Viscount Thomas Hayze, found an artifact, called the Matani Statue that gifted him great power. Hayze used the power of the statue to assemble an army of orcs, trolls, undead and demons. In the process of his conquest, Hayze captured the Gallantrian capital city and, as he did in Canton, assassinated the ruling family, and took the eye of the Grand General of the Gallantrian Army, Shalt.

After being freed from prison by Eric Carver and his Gallantrian, Louden Stirling, Shalt was able to assemble an army of the remaining Gallantrian forcs, while Carver and his allies enlisted the aid of the other races of the continent. The conflict came to a head at the tower Windfall, located in southern Gallantria. There, Hayze's army and the alliance of the good races of the continent clashed. Victory was not certain, and it wasn't until Carver and his allies scaled the tower and defeated Hayze that the fighting ended. Since that time, the Valley of Windfall, where the tower stands, has been plagued with the remnants of Hayze's army.

Rebuilding the Empire

With the death of the imperial family, Shalt went about reunifying his country. After working tirelessly for nearly 15 years, he was selected by the generals of the army to take over as Emperor. The reunification was short lived, as governing the massive empire proved difficult. Shalt recently split the empire into two administrative districts, with the capital of East Gallantria remaining in Gallans and the capital of West Gallantria located in the city of Bel, which has been renamed West Gallans. The ruler of West Gallanatria is Shalt's close adviser and Grand General, Louden Striling.

Other Races

Though mostly human, Gallantria has small populations of other races within it's borders. Several clans of dwarves make their home in the mountains between East and West Gallantria. Further, since the Battle at Windfall, a small settlement of Insel Elves has popped up on the edge of the valley of Windfall. These Elves stand guard over the area, their leader, Lysander, having sworn to stand vigil working to ensure no evil would arise from the tower again.