Ivon Entaro

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Ivon Entaro
Ivon mid-ritual
Ivon Entaro
Class Wizard
Race Human
Hometown Dallaal
Birth Day 1412 DR [988 WE|1 GWR]
Age 38
Gender Male
Height 5' 10"
Weight 185 lbs
Alignment Good
Deity Necrosaro
Quote "Appearances can be deceiving"
Player Bill
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Ivon is the eldest son of the Entaro family and the only one with the gift of magic. A minor family from Dallaall, the family has been slowly falling from their minor position of authority. Owning a small series of farms and fishing territory, they have not had good luck with the harvests and have had to deplete their treasury. Ivon's parents, Jonathan and Lillie are the heads of the family that have lived on the land for over 4 generations. Ivon has two younger brothers, Jonathan II, 27, and Matthias, 24. He has one sister, Evangeline age 21, unmarried and quite beautiful.



A near death experience at the age of 5 where an unnamed boy was killed saving him from being trampled by an oncoming carriage had changed his personality. It took almost three years for Ivon to recover from the ordeal and at that time he began to show a knack for wizardry, especially illusions. He was known for pulling pranks on the servants and local children by dressing up as other children and visiting halflings. When he was old enough, he began apprenticing under wizards of the Carvorel Military Academy.


Ivon was sent at the age of 19 to apprentice at the Carvorel Military Academy, where he learned how to hone his gifts. He learned battle tactics, how to lead, how to teach, and how to deal with Nobility and act as an advisor. After graduation, he has been acting as advisor for Bendroden Lightbringer and tutor for his young sister. When Bendroden left to become advisor to the Duke, Ivon was left as Castellan to the Lightbringer house.


He has taken up the life of adventure and has deferred the family title to his younger brother Jonathan II, saying that he can better serve the family through a life away from the estate. As the only person in the family line to ever show any magical ability, the family accepted his decision and he keeps in close contact. He acts as advisor to his younger brother, using his military and political connections to help his family navigate their troubled times and begin to prosper once again.


Ivon looks around the age of 18, with dark hair and fair features. His brown eyes show wisdom older than his looks. He has broad shoulders and long hair.

He is an outgoing person, quite different than most other wizards. He is comfortable in many social situations, knowing proper grace and etiquette. He is learned in many tales and blends in with a variety of people. He has lead in battle and his skill as a tactician is well known, part of the reason he was left in charge of the Lightbringer estate. He is fair in his dealings and strives to create a name for himself and his family.

Adventuring Life

Having introduced his younger sister to Bendroden's sister, Ivon left with his companions to find what remains of Saxon's family. Having experienced life of a privateer, soldier, tracker and spelunker along his travels, he somehow survived the mountain being collapsed on his group. He awoke in an area devoid of the magical spark and relied completely on his friends. In the city of Gloomwrought, he encountered a priest of Necrosaro, who left Ivon with a cryptic message about death's favor. When leaving the city, Ivon purchased a holy symbol of Necrosaro to keep close by, having shown his true face to death once more.