Krysta Carver

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Krysta Maria Carver
Krysta Carver, Princess Royal
Krysta Maria Carver
Race Human (mother was half-eladrin)
Hometown Danberg, Pineborough, Canton Kingdom
Birth Day Netar's Day 1426 DR [1002 WE|15 GWR]
Age 23
Gender Female
Height 5'1"
Weight 110
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Princess Royal Krysta of House Carver is the 15 year old daughter of King Eric II of the Canton Kingdom. She was born in 1426 DR [1002 WE|15 GWR] , to the Duke Eric and Duchess Ladia Carver, on Netar's day. Her birth was seen as an auspicious occasion, as people born on Netar's Day are seen to be especially gifted by the Over God himself (as Netar's day is considered, in a liturgical sense, as the birth day of Netar, and the day of the creation of Keedrah). She is 5'1", and has the same dark skin as her mother (who was, some say, half-continental elf) and dirty blonde hair (a trait of her father). Personality wise, she's fairly care-free, and playfully teases those around her. Her tutor was a man named Richard Truax (the duke's now-deceased chancellor) and Bendroden has served as her religious instructor. She is not trained in the ways of combat, or of magic, but can quote philosophers and theologians with the best of them, and if pressed, is able to hold her own in religious discussions. (for example, the cosmology of the world isn't a topic that totally goes over her head, like it would with most people).

Growing up in Danberg hasn't been easy, with the constant attacks it suffered in her younger years. At the age of six, during the orc attacks on the city, a gargoyle that was working for the Blackguard made it's way to the duke's mansion where it abducted the young girl. Bendroden and his band of adventurers followed the beast into the mountains above the city, and after finally tracking it down recovered her. Through further adventures, Bendroden discovered that the blackguard known as Raintree was attempting to capture the girl, believing her to be the subject of a prophecy that stated a child would protect The Balance from being destroyed. Bendroden assembled a unit of five expert female warriors from around the known world (who i just remembered as i was writing this up), to keep watch over her, as he and his party were busy investigating the blackguard, and couldn't always be there to protect her. Finally, when the blackguard Haldrin attacked Danberg, Lady Krysta's mother and her guardians gave their lives protecting her, as a group of demons had broken into the duke's manor and were attempting to take her. Bendroden and his company retired from the adventuring life after this, and Ben took up a job with Duke Carver as a religious adviser, which puts Ben in a better position to keep a close watch over her. The death of Haldrin put an end to the attacks of the blackguard, however.

Since that time, she's lived in relative peace with her father, and kept him company through the loneliness of losing his wife and his older children moving on to forge their own destinies. She has had several suitors in that time, but has rebuffed each one. Some say the duke has even given up on trying to find a husband for her, as she seems to have devoted herself to keeping him company, and any suitor would insist on taking her away. To say she can be headstrong is an understatement (another trait she gets from her mother).