The Ancient One

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The Ancient One
The Ancient Monk
The Ancient One
Alias The Ancient Monk
Race varies
Hometown unknown
Height varies
Weight varies
Alignment Unaligned
Deity Netar
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A mysterious figure, The Ancient One is a monk who travels the lands of Keedrah in the service of Netar. He is the only follower of Netar who receives any sort of power from the Neutral One. He does not intercede in the affairs of mortals often, but when he does it tends to be in very dire situations. The general description of the monk has changed at various times throughout recorded history, and it is unknown if the role is filled by multiple people or by a single person that changes over time. While the monk is powerful, and considered one of Netar's Exarchs, he is generally not believed to be an avatar of the Neutral One himself. When seen, he is often wearing a sedge hat, a simple pair of black and white robes, and carries a large khakkhara staff, the metal head designed with a pair of dragon wings from which six metal rings hang. The monk usually announces his presence with the shaking of the sounding staff.


The Ancient One's first known appearance was shortly after the fall of the dragons. He traveled about the lands of Keedrah, bringing a message from Netar to the people who had just witnessed the destruction of the lofty ancient dragons at the hands of Bahamut. The monk brought a simple message. The mortals of Keedrah would be spared the horrible fate of the dragons, so long as they respected the Gods, and properly gave worship to them. In return, Netar and the Gods would protect the people and their followers, and together, Gods and mortals, they would maintain the precious balance he had in place. Today, this is known as the Covenant of the Balance. To seal this Covenant, people from all around the land send their best, strongest, and most skilled craftsmen to a central point at the junction of the continents of Aeg, Windman, and Azuma. Here, the Ancient One oversaw the construction of the Temple of the Balance and the massive complex around it, a grueling process that took 10 years and many lives. The temple stood as a place of worship to all of the gods of the balance, and when it was completed the Gods gave the builders gifts and powers that served as the basis for the families of paladins that exist to this day.

Recent Sightings

The Ancient Monk was recently sighted in 1433 DR [1009 WE|22 GWR] my members of the Company of the Lion. Bendroden Lightbringer describes him as tall, over six feet, with purplish colored skin and an airy, aloof demeanor. He instructed the mortals of the Company that grave times were ahead and that the threat of the blackguard was not to be taken lightly. This warning proceeded the attack of the undead forces of the Blackguard Raintree against Danberg.

More recently, members of a group of mercenaries working for King Eric, and who had been presumed dead after going to face Thomas de Agueda recounted stories of encountering the monk - though now looking like a human of average height - twice while attempting to escape the Shadowfell. Once, in a mysterious maze of trials, which he apparently guided them through (Session 17), and a second time just prior to their escaping the Shadowfell (Session 20).