Thomas de Agueda

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Thomas DuMont De Agueda
The former Regent of Canton City
Thomas DuMont De Agueda
Race Human
Hometown Vila Agueda, Agueda, Canton Kingdom
Birth Day 6 Tylon 1399 DR [975 WE]
Death Day Year's Start 1445 DR [1021 WE|34 GWR]
Age 45
Gender Male
Height 5'11"
Weight 150
Quote "Screw your courage to the sticking place, cousin! You are the duke now, but if you continue babbling so, it won't be long before you're hanging from the gallows!"
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Sly and calculating, and prone to condescension, de Agueda is known to very carefully plan things before proceeding. He closely adheres to protocol, and rarely suffers any deviation from such. This helped him to be a highly effective Chamberlain.

Thomas de Agueda hails from the same family as Duke Ferdinand; they are cousins. Unbeknown to the populous at large, Thomas, ever ambitious, was integral in the untimely death of Ferdinand's father, Duke Benedito de Agueda, at the hands of Ferdinand. His position as his cousin's most trusted adviser ensured that nothing happened in Agueda without his approval. It was due to Thomas' persistence that he was able to secure a position the king as court scribe, at the behest of his cousin, and his magical ability helped propel him through the ranks of the king's court, eventually being named Chamberlain in 1440 DR [1016 WE|29 GWR] . With the death of King James, de Agueda, following custom, took the office as Regent until a new king was to be crowned – a process prolonged by a lack of an heir. He summoned the 11 Dukes of the kingdom to convene a Ducal Council. Many thought the clear successor would be Duke Carver, until Thomas revealed a note, apparently signed by the king on his death bed, indicating Duke Ferdinand was the king's choice.

Though Ferdinand was initially hesitant to make any attempts at the throne, Thomas was able to convince him, along with several other nobles, that a common born man like Eric Carver should never be king, hero of the Greater Races War or not. Thus, he was able to set up the alliance of Dukes who's feet dragging slowed the process of choosing an heir. Unfortunately, for Agueda's designes, it was found several weeks after that the note was forged by an ally of the Regent (Session 3), a mage named Cassius, and leader of a thieves guild called The Canton Underground. He was quickly arrested and thrown into the island prison of Ondero just off the coast of Canton City, where he and Cassius awaited trail. Ferdinand, enraged, exited the coucil with his allies, and did not partake in the vote that selected Carver as the new king of the Canton Kingdom. It were these allies who later broke away from the kingdom shortly after Carver's coronation.


Seeking to prevent his cousin's execution, Ferdinand de Agueda sought the aid of a mysterious paladin of Morlander named Tarce Mulvain to devise a plan for getting his brother out of Ondero. Mulvain hired several bands of pirates to cause trouble along the northern Canton coast, in part to aid the coming war effort. In doing so, he also hired the band known as the Red Eye Pirates who were lead by Sarah Harold.

It was Sarah and her most trusted compatriots that broke into Ondero under the cover of night and helped Thomas to escape. Before leaving, Thomas was sure to punish Cassius for his failure, then traveled back to Agueda. In the meantime, the war had broken out, with Mulvain acting as general. Instead of returning directly to Vila Agueda, Thomas and his bodyguards instead went to the recently sacked Creiss Castle, where he labored for several weeks attempting to gain access to the hidden chamber below. As the tide of battle turned against Ferdinand's forces, Thomas was relentless in attempting to gain access. Finally, he called for the imprisoned former lord of the castle, Doña Letizia Gomes Castillo, to be sent.

He was finally able to convince the Doña to open the keep, and disappeared within. A few days after, a band of mercenaries, looking for Sarah Harold, and intending to retake de Agueda in the name of King Eric arrived, and fought him deep in the bowels of the caverns and catacombs found beneath Creiss. The release of magical energies at his "death" was enough to collapse part of the cavern in which the confrontation occurred. Agueda however, was able to escape as a ray of red magical light arced him out of the area beforehand. (Session 16)


It was unknown that Agueda survived, that is, until the mercenaries mysteriously showed up again 3 years later. They, along with he, had been presumed dead, but let Bendroden Lightbringer know that they had reason to believe Agueda was a new Blackguard. Though nothing has been heard from him in the intervening years, this would lend some insight as to the nature of Ferdnand's increased power and ability to field larger, more powerful armies. The mercenaries spent little time in pursing Agueda, travelling across the continent the the new base of operations he was looking to establish at Windfall Valley. The ascended the tower and slew him once and for all on Year's Start 1445 DR [1021 WE|34 GWR]