Twelve Scions of Lykora

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The by tradition, the scions name their children with the first letter of their own first name. This tradition has remained unbroken since the forming of the Twelve Scions. No scion in history has died without an heir. The scions act as leaders of the martial arm, and thus all paladins, of the Lykoran church, rooting out corruption from within and ensuring the laws of the land are not only respected and enforced but just and wise. The Scions meet yearly in a great courtroom located on a floating island known as the Cynosure Court. The island, visible from the ground only as a passing cloud, floats around Keedrah seemingly at random, though can be controlled to specific destinations when a majority of the Scions are present board and in agreement. The last such time was in 1434 DR [1010 WE|23 GWR] when the blackguard Haldrin, a fallen paladin of Lykora, threatned the city of Danberg. The Cynosure Court was used as a base from which Bendroden Lightbringer and his allies launched their assault against Haldrin's own floating island.

First Scion Current Scion House Gender
Escald Elmond the Divine Laustrues Male
Raymond Raynard Judicator Leanimus Male
Midins Michael Holylight Amorfides Male
Aldrin Allven Magistrate Sanctus Male
Bindeu Bendroden Lightbringer Erulan Male
Dyrest Dylan Pureblade Valde Male
Sean Sean the Holy Wall Novus Male
Kales Kyristina II Mercybearer Maximus Female
Delenorth Delva Virtuousheart Divinus Female
Thomas Tyler Soulguider Templum Male
Islitch Ilse the Moral Shield Aquila Female
Lloyd Lindra Inquisitor Validus Female