Windfall Valley

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Location of Windfall Valley

Located in southern Gallantria, along Veltmon's Spine, Windfall Valley is the location of the final battle of the Greater Races War. The battle saw the final destruction of Hayze at the hands of Eric Carver.


Windfall Valley is a small valley roughly 15 square miles in size encircled by a ring of mountains and tall hills nestled against the southern range of Veltmon's Spine in Gallantria. The valley floor was once verdant, but is now a hellish blasted landscape thanks to the release of foul magics after the death of Hayze. Travel into the valley can be dangerous, as pitfalls and rock slides are common. The most prominent structure of Windfall Valley is the once massive Windfall Tower at it's center.

Windfall Tower

The ruins of Windfall Tower reaches some 100 feet into the sky and is surrounded by the blasted ruins of a town along with large chunks of masonry and stone that were thrown off by the tower when it exploded upon the death of Hayze.


Windfall Tower was built by Emperor Caracalla in 124 DR as a show of power to the local Gal tribes of the middle and northern continent, who were constantly testing the strength of the empire. The tower was an engineering marvel, over 500 feet tall, and constructed of shimmering marble brought in from the southern empire. A small community was constructed in the verdant field at it's base, and the area was garrisoned by an elite legion of soldiers at all times. The tower served two purposes. First, as an observation post and also as a link in the chain of signal fire towers that dotted Veltmon's Spine and the Doggun Mountains that could alert the southern empire of trouble in the north.

After the fall of the empire, the tower was largely abandoned, and fell into disrepair for several centuries. The exterior became dingy and chipped, and the settlement at it's base fell into ruins. The tower's importance as an outpost was revived during the many conflicts with the Canton Kingdom that occurred during the empire's rapid expansion. The tower itself, however, was left largely untouched, except for the lower levels which saw it's marble facade removed by scavengers. With relations between the Gallantrian Empire and the Canton Kingdom relaxing, the tower once again slipped into several years of non-use.

Greater Races War

After returning to the Windman Continent with his army of fel creatures from Aeg, Thomas Hayze desired a central location from which he could rule. A vision brought him to Windfall Tower, and he went about restoring the structure. As his fel armies fought a losing battle across the continent against the united peoples of the continent, Hayze retreated with his deadliest forces into the valley. This included demons, ogres, and other monstrosities. When the forces of the united continent finally reached windfall, Hayze had been preparing a defense for several months. The battle of Windfall Valley was hard fought, and the casualties were massive, however Eric Carver and his allies were able to gain entry to the tower and confront Hayze.

Dealing Hayze his death blow, Carver and his allies were bathed in an massive discharge of magical energies that not only destroyed the upper levels of the tower (they were only able to survive thanks to some quick thinking and magic of the twin sisters, Ladia and Maria) but sapped the entire valley of it's magical charge. The magics were so powerful, the explosion annihilated the feywild in the area, and killing several of the Continental Elves that had joined the battle outright and rendering the once verdant valley a completely barren wasteland.

Recent History

Windfall Valley remains a blasted, inhospitable wasteland. A chill wind constantly blows from the mountains of Veltmon's Spine, leaving the area unnaturally cold all times of the year. The remnants of Hayze's army that were not killed escaped into the mountains nearby, and to this day this population continues to cause trouble for the people of southern Gallantria. The demons of Hayze's army have taken hold in the valley immediately in and around the tower, spelling trouble for anyone foolish enough to wander in.

Nirvaset East

Upon viewing the destruction left in the wake of Hayze's death, Lysander Ulgar, the leader of the Insel Elf believed that the valley would remain a dangerous place for years. He could not bring himself to just leave, and settled at the entrance to the valley along with the loyal members of the Elven Guard. They dedicated themselves to keeping the evil creatures of the valley contained, and properly warning anyone foolish enough to attempt to venture into the valley. Over the last 30 years, the settlement has experienced some modest growth, though the constant threat of demon attacks from the valley and orc & other demihuman attacks from the nearby still exists. The elves of Nirvaset have recently begun trading with several small communities around Gallantria, primarily in a special breed of horse they have developed from the local Gallantrian stock they have managed to infuse with some powers of the fey.

The elves of the Windfall Valley, while still maintaining loyalty to the Avery of the Insel Elves have generally abided by the rules of the Gallantrian Empire. Emperor Shalt has done a great deal to ensure they are left alone by Gallantrians. He sees them as a necessity, and knows his troubles in the empire would be far worse had they not been there to watch over the valley.